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April 15, 2013

I got a random, unexpected email from my husband the other day…..



I’ve never gotten an email like quite like that and being the date night and spontaneous adventure lover that I am, I was thrilled to no end!!!! :)

That email inspired me with a fun little idea…. I have been longing to photograph more “real life” things. What does that mean? It could be a proposal, a couple finding out they are pregnant, a shoot in someone’s home just for the heck of it, an old married couple who are still smitten with each other after 50 years…. the possibilities are endless.

A new idea popped into my head today for a different kind of “real life”, or “lifestyle” shoot:  How about a date night shoot?!

This is where YOU come in!! I want to find 2-5 couples who have awesome date night ideas/adventures who want to have it captured through photography!



From now through the end of the month (April 30th), I will be accepting emails from you guys with your date night ideas! All you have to do is tell me about your perfect date with your significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance, husband/wife) and what makes the date so perfect for the two of you. It can be simple and sweet, romantic (not too too romantic because I’ll be there too;-), or over the top extravagant — whatever fits your relationship the best. You can attach photos, Pinterest Boards, anything that will help me to see your vision! It can be a date that you two have been on before together or it can be a surprise date for your special someone.  I just ask that it be realistic…  you have to actually have a plan as to how you are going to pull this amazing date off! Haha! And be sure to tell me any extra special tidbits of information that you think might add to the awesomeness of the date (i.e. it was your first date, it’s a free/”no money spent” date, etc..)

Quick Note: It doesn’t really have to be “perfect”, BUT it does have to be perfect for the two of you :)

SO…. in a nutshell, send an email to erin(at) with the following information:


Your name

Your special someone’s name

How long you’ve been together

Your perfect date night idea

Tell me if the date is going to be a surprise for your special someone

Any photos, Pinterest boards, etc.. to help me see your vision

Any extra tidbits of information that make your date unique/extra special

And finally, be sure to attach a photo of the two of you together!


My goal is to find at least 2 up to 5 different couples whose date night ideas inspire me. If you are one of the chosen ones (heehee), then we’ll start making plans to make this date happen and I’ll come along and photograph it to feature in my blog. I’d love to do a mini interview too to get to know you two better and to learn about what makes your relationship special.

I want to do this to inspire my readers to think outside of the box and to really take the time to do special date nights every now and then. I think that date nights are so important to a relationship. And date nights don’t even have to cost money! That’s whats so awesome!

If all goes well, my ultimate goal is to feature 1 date night couple per month on my blog. So start sending in your ideas!!

I am SO excited about this! I cannot wait to get started and to read your emails!! Be sure to pass this blog along to any friends that you think might be interested in this! :)

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