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May 30, 2017

I won’t make this part long because I know you probably just want to skip on through and see the photos (and who am I kidding? So do I!), but I must say how over the moon thrilled and thankful I am to have had the opportunity to do a shoot with this adorable couple, Simon and Ashley, while we were in Hawaii last week. A few months before our trip, I put it out on my blog/social media that we were going to be in Hawaii and if anyone was going to be there too and wanted to book a shoot to contact me! :) Well, Ashley contacted me shortly after that and the rest is history!

We did Simon and Ashley’s shoot by their resort in Wailea, Maui the evening of our arrival, which was just 2 days before they left to head back home. I’m amazed that our trip schedules lined up with each other… just barely though! ;-)

Simon and Ashley, we loved seeing you guys and spending our first evening in Hawaii with you. It was the perfect start to a perfect trip!

 I loved this walkway at the resort <3 Just as the sun was starting to set, we walked down to the beach to grab that famous, ever so beautiful Maui beach sunset <3  The sun went in and out from behind the clouds, but I actually loved it! We got some overcast shots AND some sunset shots. Best of both worlds! Adorables <3 <3  That sunset!  Yessssss! Favorite!

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