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September 24, 2013

I met Stephen and Jessica almost a year ago to the day. It was a couple of weeks after they had attended the wedding of my clients, Josh and Chelsea. Jessica happened to catch Chelsea’s bouquet… and then Jessica and Stephen got engaged a few weeks later. So, I guess catching the bouquet does have some magical powers after all ;-)

When we met for their consultation, we bonded over our mutual love for all things Fall related and Pumpkin flavored. I fell in love with their super friendly personalities and their adorableness (yes, that is a word because the red squiggly lines didn’t show up underneath when I typed it) together. I was especially drawn to their genuine care for each other and the obvious, deep love between them.

I can’t believe how fast the year passed by! Before we knew it, it was time for Stephen and Jessica to have their turn to start the rest of their lives together at the gorgeous Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman. I LOVE this venue! So so pretty!! We were blessed with gorgeous sunlight that made the already happy occasion all the more cheery. Stephen and Jessica had beautiful florals and centerpieces and some super cute and unique ideas when it came to their “guest book”, their cakes, and the drapes across the ceiling above the altar. Stunning.  But I think what I loved most about this wedding was the moment Stephen saw his stunning bride for the first time. His reaction was priceless. Priceless. It still chokes me up just thinking about it. Witnessing moments like that and having the honor of capturing those moments, and all the other important, once in a lifetime moments on a wedding day, for people is so thrilling for me.

Stephen and Jessica, I love you guys. You have been such a fun couple to work with from the minute I met you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two!

Stephen and Jessica_0002Stephen and Jessica_0006Stephen and Jessica_0003Stephen and Jessica_0008Stephen and Jessica_0012Stephen and Jessica_0013Stephen and Jessica_0019Stephen and Jessica_0024Stephen and Jessica_0027Stephen and Jessica_0031

Ahh! Love! I need to stop looking at these before I choke up again!

Stephen and Jessica_0032Stephen and Jessica_0035Stephen and Jessica_0037Stephen and Jessica_0038Stephen and Jessica_0040Stephen and Jessica_0051Stephen and Jessica_0053Stephen and Jessica_0057Stephen and Jessica_0044Stephen and Jessica_0045Stephen and Jessica_0049

Beautiful Jessica…

Stephen and Jessica_0046Stephen and Jessica_0065Stephen and Jessica_0067Stephen and Jessica_0063Stephen and Jessica_0062Stephen and Jessica_0070

Stephen and Jessica_0072Stephen and Jessica_0074Stephen and Jessica_0047Stephen and Jessica_0081Stephen and Jessica_0077

These drapes were so stunning!

Stephen and Jessica_0082Stephen and Jessica_0100Stephen and Jessica_0101Stephen and Jessica_0104Stephen and Jessica_0106Stephen and Jessica_0107Stephen and Jessica_0111Stephen and Jessica_0115

LOVE this on on the left!! Stephen is like “I’m married! Look at that ring!” :-D

Stephen and Jessica_0116Stephen and Jessica_0178Stephen and Jessica_0088Stephen and Jessica_0092Stephen and Jessica_0084Stephen and Jessica_0098Stephen and Jessica_0119Stephen and Jessica_0123Stephen and Jessica_0127

A special ending to the father/daughter dance… the DJ played a special rock song that Jessica and her dad used to rock out to! Love it!

Stephen and Jessica_0130Stephen and Jessica_0086Stephen and Jessica_0096Stephen and Jessica_0133Stephen and Jessica_0140Stephen and Jessica_0143Stephen and Jessica_0148Stephen and Jessica_0152Stephen and Jessica_0150Stephen and Jessica_0154Stephen and Jessica_0157Stephen and Jessica_0161Stephen and Jessica_0162Stephen and Jessica_0169Stephen and Jessica_0170Stephen and Jessica_0171Stephen and Jessica_0168Stephen and Jessica_0174Stephen and Jessica_0176

Venue – Stonebridge Farms 

Catering – Stone Bridge Farms

Florals – Stone Bridge Farms

Hair – Casey Overman

Makeup – Kerry Mari, Made Ya’ Blush

DJ – Feel The Beat

  1. Linda Pledger Jones says:

    Erin, These are gorgeous as always! Great job on the photos and the blog. It helped me feel as if I was actually there… instead of on a cruise in Alaska! I am going to miss you when all my “other kids” are married off. We still have a few more that are single, so maybe I will see you a few more times before it is all over. Do you do birth/baby photos? I am sure that will be the next round of events for them all.

  2. Pat Gowen Webster says:

    Beautiful Pictures!

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