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August 15, 2018


I have been asked this question more than any other question so far this year. And I realized that there are probably many more people who have the same question.


“Why do you still use an editor if you are editing for other people?”


It’s confusing for some people and I totally get why it’s so confusing! So, today, I want to share the how and why I still use an editor for my photos while also editing photos for other photographers….

It’s quite simple actually… I can edit other people’s photos much more quickly and efficiently than I can edit my own photos.

Why? Well, it comes down to the simple fact that we all tend to be more critical of ourselves than of other people. More critical of our own work than of someone else’s.

Imagine you are in a group photo and then you look at the photo after it’s taken. What do you look at first? Yourself, right? Then, for alot of us, we start picking apart how we’re standing, how our hair looks, how our outfit looks, what our arm is doing, etc.

We look at the things we wish we would’ve done differently (“why did I stand like that?!”) and so on. We don’t typically look at and analyze the other people in the photos as much, do we? Most of us look at and analyze ourselves. Am I right or am I right?

It’s very similar for me with regards to editing my own photos. When I edit my own photos, whether I realize it or not, I spend alot longer on each image because I’m picking apart every. little. detail. of the image and often times thinking back through the moment I was taking the image and noting how I could’ve done it differently or better. I spend so much extra time because I am emotionally invested in every single image I take on a wedding day. I am someone who tends to analyze every little thing when it comes to my work. I used to think that was a good thing until I realized what I was really doing. I was wasting time.

I realized that it’s not a matter of “the more time I spend editing my photos, the better the edits are”. The time I’m spending isn’t spent making the images better. And while I think it’s good to analyze to try to improve, and I definitely still do analyze my photos to find ways I can improve, I realized that spending that much time on every single image wasn’t beneficial. It was a waste of time, to be honest.

When I’m editing my photographer clients’ images, I edit photos strictly based on their editing style without getting emotionally caught up in the behind the scenes, overanalyzing every photo, etc. I’ve found that I can edit my editing clients’ images in about 1/3 the time that it takes me to edit my own images. That’s crazy! And because of that, I actually really enjoy the editing process more when it’s someone else’s work rather than my own. I am able to just appreciate someone’s work and edit it in their style without getting as emotionally tied up (aka wasting time) as I did with my own work.

When I started using my fabulous editor, Emily, she took such a huge weight off my shoulders. She can get my photos edited in my style in much less time than I can. Period. It is the perfect scenario and worth every single penny. I am so thankful for her! You can read more about how much I LOVE outsourcing my editing HERE.

Side Note: My personal editor, Emily, just launched her online shop last month and it’s amazing! You should totally check it out!!



I had stopped taking on new editing clients earlier this Summer because I was at capacity. But I am now able to add 2 more editing clients to my schedule for Fall 2018 into the 2019 wedding season! If you’re a photographer interested in outsourcing your editing (and getting hours upon hours of your life back!), shoot me an email! I’d LOVE to chat with you! 


So there you have it! That is the how and why I still use an editor even though I now edit for other photographers. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them! :)



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