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October 4, 2013

I have fun at every wedding I shoot. Seriously. Every wedding, every couple, every family is different and they all bring something new and fresh and exciting to my job. Tom and Jessica’s wedding was just about as wonderful and FUN as it gets — oh my goodness. These two…. I fell in love with them as a couple instantly! They have incredible chemistry and barely require any direction from me whatsoever. They just naturally exude joy, love… every emotion I hope to capture in a photo. I love love LOVE how happy and in love they are.  The wedding party and families were also super wonderful. We have been so blessed to have such great people to work with over the years.

For the first time ever, I think, I had 2 back to back weddings at the same venue! In this case, it was Stone Bridge Farms! Last week, I showed you Stephen and Jessica’s gorgeous wedding at Stone Bridge, and this week, it’s Tom and Jessica. And oh my goodness, it just hit me that it was 2 Jessica’s back to back too. Crazy!  Though it was the same venue, I really really didn’t want all of the photos to look the exact same as the other wedding, so we tried to change a few things up a bit.

Tom and Jessica, I love you guys!! Oh my goodness! Can you get married (to each other) over and over again and let me photograph it?? THAT is how much I loved being a part of your wedding. You two define the kind of love and joy that I hope every couple I get to work with has. I hope you love your photos as much as I do!! :-D

Radcliffe Wedding_0013Radcliffe Wedding_0001Radcliffe Wedding_0003Radcliffe Wedding_0006Radcliffe Wedding_0008Radcliffe Wedding_0012Radcliffe Wedding_0019Radcliffe Wedding_0017Radcliffe Wedding_0021

Apparently this card was hilarious and “So Tom!” :)

Radcliffe Wedding_0024Radcliffe Wedding_0023Radcliffe Wedding_0029Radcliffe Wedding_0031Radcliffe Wedding_0032

I so love this dress… oh my goodness….

Radcliffe Wedding_0038Radcliffe Wedding_0036Radcliffe Wedding_0139Radcliffe Wedding_0039Radcliffe Wedding_0042Radcliffe Wedding_0046Radcliffe Wedding_0044Radcliffe Wedding_0045Radcliffe Wedding_0048Radcliffe Wedding_0054Radcliffe Wedding_0057Radcliffe Wedding_0055Radcliffe Wedding_0058Radcliffe Wedding_0062Radcliffe Wedding_0061Radcliffe Wedding_0064Radcliffe Wedding_0066Radcliffe Wedding_0068Radcliffe Wedding_0072Radcliffe Wedding_0082Radcliffe Wedding_0069Radcliffe Wedding_0079Radcliffe Wedding_0080Radcliffe Wedding_0077Radcliffe Wedding_0073Radcliffe Wedding_0075Radcliffe Wedding_0084Radcliffe Wedding_0085Radcliffe Wedding_0086

These next 4 are probably my all time favorites <3

Radcliffe Wedding_0092Radcliffe Wedding_0089Radcliffe Wedding_0099Radcliffe Wedding_0100Radcliffe Wedding_0104Radcliffe Wedding_0105Radcliffe Wedding_0102Radcliffe Wedding_0103

Love these colors and this bridesmaids necklace!

Radcliffe Wedding_0106Radcliffe Wedding_0108Radcliffe Wedding_0109Radcliffe Wedding_0111Radcliffe Wedding_0114Radcliffe Wedding_0113Radcliffe Wedding_0119Radcliffe Wedding_0121Radcliffe Wedding_0122Radcliffe Wedding_0093Radcliffe Wedding_0014Radcliffe Wedding_0015Radcliffe Wedding_0140Radcliffe Wedding_0143Radcliffe Wedding_0142Radcliffe Wedding_0144Radcliffe Wedding_0145Radcliffe Wedding_0147Radcliffe Wedding_0148Radcliffe Wedding_0150Radcliffe Wedding_0149Radcliffe Wedding_0152Radcliffe Wedding_0153Radcliffe Wedding_0155Radcliffe Wedding_0156Radcliffe Wedding_0159Radcliffe Wedding_0115Radcliffe Wedding_0116Radcliffe Wedding_0117Radcliffe Wedding_0126Radcliffe Wedding_0186Radcliffe Wedding_0189Radcliffe Wedding_0194Radcliffe Wedding_0191

I really love these tables <3

Radcliffe Wedding_0128Radcliffe Wedding_0135Radcliffe Wedding_0131Radcliffe Wedding_0163Radcliffe Wedding_0164Radcliffe Wedding_0168Radcliffe Wedding_0125

I am obsessed with these burlap roses!!

Radcliffe Wedding_0132Radcliffe Wedding_0181Radcliffe Wedding_0171Radcliffe Wedding_0169Radcliffe Wedding_0172Radcliffe Wedding_0170Radcliffe Wedding_0177Radcliffe Wedding_0178Radcliffe Wedding_0198Radcliffe Wedding_0195Radcliffe Wedding_0200Radcliffe Wedding_0202Radcliffe Wedding_0204

If I could describe this reception in only one word, I’d say “FUN”!!

Radcliffe Wedding_0206Radcliffe Wedding_0209Radcliffe Wedding_0211Radcliffe Wedding_0210Radcliffe Wedding_0214Radcliffe Wedding_0216Radcliffe Wedding_0218Radcliffe Wedding_0219

I really really love Jessica’s convertible dress!! She had a gorgeous gown for the ceremony and portraits, but when it was time to dance, so removed the full skirt to make a super cute little white dress! LOVE!

Radcliffe Wedding_0222Radcliffe Wedding_0224Radcliffe Wedding_0227Radcliffe Wedding_0229


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Stone Bridge Farms

Caterer: Stone Bridge Farms

Decor: Stone Bridge Farms

Florist: Stone Bridge Farms

Coordinator: Stone Bridge Farms

Bride’s Cake: Debbie Hardaway

Groom’s Cake: Debbie Hardaway

Videographer: Brent Morgan

DJ/Band: Shawn “Rosco” Hays

Wedding Dress Boutique: Finery

Hair: Laura Wilder

Make-Up: Jade Rossetti

  1. Sarah Anne Sumpolec says:

    WOW! So beautiful!!!! And confirms that i can cry just looking at pictures of weddings…sigh….

  2. Cathy Watts says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Brenda Petruch Murray says:

    Beautiful wedding

  4. Brenda (petruch) Murray says:

    Beautiful wedding and Jessica looks just like her mom.

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