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January 6, 2014

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One of the first emails I ever got from Mary-Carol said “I read your bio on your website and told my mom ‘I think I would be best friends with this girl!'”, and I knew that I just had to meet this bride! I honestly believe that one of THE most important things to be able to say about your wedding photographer is just that — that you could be best friends with them. As a photographer who puts a high value on having a real friendship with her clients, I can’t tell you how happy that statement made me! When I actually met Tray and Mary-Carol at their consultation, I fell in love with their sweetness and their love for each other. They are amazing. And I agree with Mary-Carol, I think we could be best friends too ;-)

We had to reschedule this shoot from it’s original date because of the freezing cold and rainy weather. What we got on our rescheduled date was a gorgeous sun and comfortable Fall-like weather. It was perfect! Tray and Mary-Carol, I had so much fun with you at this shoot! It made me all the more excited about your wedding day!!! It will be an amazing one.

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When I arrived at this shoot, Mary-Carol pulled me aside and said “You’re going to love what I brought!”, then showed me these!! Baby chicks! Ahh! Love!

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We had such a gorgeous sunset that day

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One of my favorite engagement photos to date!

BLOG Tray and MaryCarol_24BLOG Tray and MaryCarol_25BLOG Tray and MaryCarol_26BLOG Tray and MaryCarol_27BLOG Tray and MaryCarol_28BLOG Tray and MaryCarol_29

The sun was gone, but I wasn’t quite don’t with this shoot… I’m in love with these!

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  1. Clippingimages Outsourcing says:

    so nice and graceful…..the beautiful natural view is captured very nicely………..a brilliant combination like all in all………

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